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What’s Your Birthday Month, Flower?

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in this world and bring happiness to our lives in many ways. Throughout history, flowers have served us in the most beautiful ways.

The role of flowers can be traced in religious texts, folk tales and myths. It infuses a sense of serenity in the life of people. The perfect gift for someone you love is a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. You can shop for varieties of flowers from Floweraura with a same-day delivery option. Flowers are the true symbols of love and happiness. Thus, they are considered the perfect gift for any special occasion. Whatever the occasion is, a bouquet of flowers can never go wrong.

The Carnation: January

The birth flower for January is the carnation. It’s also known as dianthus, gillyflower etc. The carnation blooms in various colours like purple, red, yellow and even green. These flowers look very delicate, but they can grow under any circumstances. This flower symbolises love and affection.

February: The Violet

The most commonly referred to birth flowers for February are violet and primrose. This flower is a symbol of modesty, humility and faithfulness. Violets are named after their blue-purple colour, but they can also be found in yellow, blue and cream colours. The secondary birth flower for the month is primrose; the pale yellow flower is edible. If you’re baking a birthday cake for a friend or family member born in February, consider yellow frosting and a few primrose for decor to give the cake a personalised look. 

The Daffodil: March 

Daffodils ring in spring and stand for hope, rebirth and rejuvenation. Daffodils carry different meanings in different cultures. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed flowers to have healing powers. While there is no other March birth flower, some of the flowers, like tulips, irises and others, are often associated with this month as their blooming marks the beginning of spring. 

The Daisy: April 

The beautiful daisy symbolises purity, new beginnings and true love. These flowers will be perfect for anyone born in April. According to old sayings, it is believed that the name is derived from an old English saying “daes eage” or “day’s eye” because daisies open at the first touch of sunlight. 

The Lilies: May

The springtime flower lily is the May birth flower. This flower is characterized by its bell-shaped white flower head that opens in late spring. These are also known as May Bells. Lilies symbolise sweetness, devotion and purity. These are often used in a wedding flower bouquet. 

The Rose: June

The official birth flower for the month of June is the rose, as everybody knows that roses are a symbol of love and romance. Aphrodite and Venus were ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of beauty and love, and their meaning lived on for centuries.

Different colours of roses symbolize different meanings yellow depicts friendship; white represents innocence and purity etc.

The Larkspur: July

Larkspurs are a species of the genus delphinium, and the birth flower in July. It’s said that the Tudors gave the flower its name because it resembled a lark’s spur with its tall spikes and colourful petals. This flower symbolises dignity, grace and positivity. The second birth flower is the water lily; it stands for innocence, hope and rebirth. 

The Gladiolus: August

The August birth flower is the gladiolus. In victorian romanticism, they believed that flowers had the ability to pierce someone’s heart with their beauty, which means strength, integrity and remembrance. 

The Aster: September

The vibrant aster is known as the flower of September. Colours from orange to red, white, and all shades of pink and purple can be seen in these flowers. In Greek mythology, the goddess Astraea cried over a dark sky lacking stars, and where her tears fell, beautiful star-shaped flowers grew. This flower symbolises love, wisdom and royalty.

Marigold: October

While the bright orange colour of the marigold is what we know it for, the October birth flower also blooms in white and yellow. The flower is native to the Mediterranean and symbolises creativity, passion and Courage. 

The Chrysanthemum: November

There is only one birth flower for November, the chrysanthemum, also known as a mum. A wide range of sizes and colours can be seen in chrysanthemums. It symbolises friendship, happiness and well-being.

The Narcissus: December

Narcissus is the birth flower of December. You can get a bouquet of these flowers for anyone who celebrates their special day this month. Faithfulness, good wishes and respect are the symbols of this flower. Most flowers of the narcissus genus bloom in the early spring, but species like the paperwhite narcissus can be found in all their glory in cold months.

With the above list of birthday flowers, you can surprise your loved ones so your friend or family member knows how much you appreciate them. Just browse for flower delivery to Bangalore and send flowers according to the birthday of your special ones also, don’t forget to add a sweet message with the bouquet.

The extra effort you put into sending flowers to your dear ones on their special day won’t go unnoticed, and it’ll be a great conversation starter at their birthday party.


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Tips And Tricks To Help You Have The Best Online Flower Buying Experience Ever

The year is 2021 and we are all witnessing the age of Technology. We have everything we want our need at the tip of our fingers quite literally. All of our devices that we use daily work with a touch of our fingers and we can do pretty much anything we want to do with it. We can roam around the internet or our favorite movie or buy a bunch of fresh flowers online. Yes, you read that right. You can buy flowers on the internet. Much like everything else that you can buy online, flowers are also one such thing. It has become more convenient than ever for us now that we are able to buy things like flowers online. It is very easy to buy flowers online but we would suggest you p a few things in mind if you are looking to have a smooth experience with your flower shopping online. For your convenience we have suggested a few tips and tricks below that will help you have the best online flower shopping experience ever.

Best Online Flower Buying Experience Ever

Find a reliable online flower store 

The first and foremost step towards having the greatest online flower shopping experience ever is to find a reliable flower Store. You might think it is a challenging task but it is quite simple. In order to find a reliable online flower Store, you can ask your friends and family if they know about a good one. Other than that you can also carry out your research and find the online flower store that should get your trust and fulfill your needs.

Go through the varieties of flowers and select what you want to buy

Once you have found a reliable online flower Store you are required to sign up with the website or the application. Now you are ready to scroll through the endless varieties of flowers and flower arrangements that the online flower store has to offer to you. A great way to differentiate a good online flower store from a not-so-good one is the variety of flowers that the store has. We are hoping that you landed on a reliable online flower store that has a great collection of flowers and flower arrangements. Now is the time to select the flower that you want to buy.

Don’t forget to check out the ratings and reviews 

Before you go ahead and buy the flowers that you selected on the online flowers Store we request you to take a look at the ratings and reviews that the previous customers of the same flowers have left. This will help you catch an idea about the quality of flowers that the online flowers Store has to offer to you. You can make a better decision based on this.

Compare prices of the flowers on different websites 

We are assuming that you are satisfied by reviews that the previous buyers of the flowers have left on the online flowers store. This is why we are moving on and coming down to the price part. You should always compare the prices on different websites when you are buying things online. Even when you’re buying flowers there is a great chance that an online flowers store can overcharge you. Salwars take some time out and compare the prices of the flowers on different websites.

Apply discount codes and vouchers at the checkout 

One great advantage of buying things online is the amazing deals that you get to take advantage of. So do not hesitate from enjoying those discount codes and vouchers at the time of checkout. There are always some discounts and sales going on. So before you make that flower delivery in Mumbai happen, make sure you have gained great discounts on your flower purchase.